When realization comes at you like a speeding bullet, and you finally accept it….it’s insane.

Blonde isn’t gonna be a thing for me. Prob just gonn dye my hair black cos why not



Bright Eyes//It’s Cool We Can Still Be Friends

Yeah, you even sleep over sometimes
But we stay in our clothes
I’m only there so you’re not alone

15 year old me is still is still in love with and listening to this song in another life.

The worst song to listen to when you’re sad. Absolute worst



I literally can not deal with this kind of stuff

need this right now

Whoa can I have

What Dreams May Come RIP Robin Williams, 1951-2014

I have no idea what to anymore. I just want to be happy. I might as well start doing things for myself because in the end who really is ever going to give a damn as much as myself could. I could glorify myself as high as the peak of Mount Everest, but I choose not to. And for what. I’ve got to make myself happy.